Fernando Vacas

Fernando Vacas was born in Córdoba in April 1971 and since he was a child he has not stopped having a guitar in his hands.

As a Flamenco music family, from Campo de la Verdad disctrit, Vacas learnt himself in the elementary basics of flamenco, but at teh same time he was inside new alternative music where the electric guitar was importamte too to Express himself as his own language.

Already in 1992 he formed Flow, seminal band of the Spanish Indie scene, and since then he has been spinning a briliant musical career.

He discovered and produced Russian Red, and formed Prin lalá and produced so different records ranging from Howe Gelb & A Band of Gypsies to Remedios Amaya, an album with he was nominated in 2017 for the Latin Grammys as the best flamenco album.

Always paying attention to his background and roots and being in love with the flamenco guitar and all new directions, this unclassifiable musician has just published a flamenco opera under the title “A Través de la Luz”, an album and a musical show that is a illuminated crossover beatween avanti garde and new flamenco. Vacas has worked with John Parish, La Negra, Raimundo Amador, Lole Montoya, Rosalía, Niño de Elche, María de Medeiros and a long artists rouster, which makes him a expert of flamenco, alternative and all its mixes.

Also he recently composed the soundtrack for the new film by Miguel Ángel Vivas (Kidnapped, Casa de Papel), “Tu Hijo”.

“We are in front of an amazing creator of the 21st Century.”

Tomás Fernando Flores, director of Radio3 RNE