Flow is one of the bands that possess the strongest personality in the Spanish musical scene. Since 1992 when they started to record their first EP for Elefant Records, the band has released albums and has performed concerts nonstop,which places them among the pioneer alternative bands of the Spanish scene together with Los Planetas, Sr. Chinarro and El Inquilino Comunista that revolutionized the independent musical scene in Spain.

Flow has recorded with elefant records (Headquake), acuarela (Artes Marcianas and Sensazione) and published their latest record with their own label, eureka. Sensazione was a sales hit and very much applauded by audiences; with “Lo Normal”, in 2006, a totally renewed Flow came back with a creativity that overflowed in many directions and with a certain classic flavour. This time, Flow have rushed headlong into adventure, and, in México they have composed, recorded and mixed “Echo en México” in just a month and a half. No doubt this is the most classic, accessible and brilliant record by Flow.