Lonna Kelley

Lonna Kelley was born in the heart of the desert suburbs. Her family moved many times during her childhood: Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas… until they finally settled down in Seattle when she was seven. But when you have roots in the desert you always go back to your homeland. Lonna went back to Arizona at the age of thirteen, and this time it was for good. It was around this time when she started to play guitar and to write songs. She started performing in the late 1990’s and hasn’t stopped since.

LONNA KELLEY arrives via eureka, with the sweetest and sandiest voice of our times.A protégée of Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), she offers us an intense trip to the heart of her American Folk roots. You will find in her songs the most elaborate and direct sounds like in Cat Power as well as sounds as deep and aesthetic as in Tom Waits. Her distinctive voice, that varies from a broken whisper to a higher scale that can give you the chills combined with her hipnotic and obscurely poetic songs, have made her gain an increasing group of fans.