Russian Red

Lourdes’ passion for music was obvious since a very early age but wasn’t public until her high school classmates and a teacher encourage her to sing for other people and it is then when she realizes that music can be something important in her life. She was only eighteen at that time.

Two years later, Lourdes shares moments of solitude with her guitar, and with no expectation whatsoever, starts composing music for her own lyrics. 2006 is the year in which she decides to play in bars of the city she comes from–Madrid- and it is in “Tres Tristes Trastes” where a new Lourdes sings a first set of songs under a new artistic name. That day RUSSIAN RED was born.

Soon Lourdes opens her myspace, and it is there where, for the first time, her songs gain life through the thousands of fans that are daily captivated by her simple and emotional songs, 70.000 visits before the release of her album “I Love Your Glasses”, 1.555.000 visits twelve months afterwards. Now Russian Red is nearly a mass phenomenon, on the verge of turning into a project of international weight.