A través de la luz: una ópera flamenca


In September 2018, Fernando Vacas will release his debut film, A través de la Luz, an album with The Royal Gypsy Orchestra that brings together flamenco and avant-garde, and will be accompanied by the multidisciplinary work in concert “A Través de la Luz”. A Flamenco Opera“.

Vacas changes axes of flamenco and takes them to a place not yet explored in which references to Einstürzende Neubauten, Lorca, the French surrealists, Val del Omar, Julio Romero de Torres and David Lynch will delight music and film lovers. If in the old flamenco operas the guests entered and left the stage, in this album Vacas has counted with some guests ranging from Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley, Jorge Pardo, Remedios Amaya, Antonio Arias, Niño de Elche, Lin Cortés, Álvaro Tarik, Javier Latorre, Naike Ponce, Juan Fdez. Panky, Rosalía, Howe Gelb, etc.

This work, more than a record, is a modern anthology of flamenco. A journey where the broken rhythms, the oppressive atmospheres and finally the redemption, are the signs of identity of this jewel to measure of the force of the electric guitars.

Another flamenco is possible!