I Love Your Glasses


At just 23 years old, Russian Red represented the new generation of contemporary musicians. His ability to compose in the English language and his innate ability for melodies made this project led by Lourdes Hernández alone in one of the hopes for the most demanding generational change, music that knows no borders. Her debut “I Love Your Glasses”, an album of great songs composed entirely by her and with a production that borders on perfection.

1. Cigarettes
2. No Past Land
3. They Don’t Believe
4. Gone, Play On
5. Hold It Inside
6. Nice Thick Feathers
7. Take Me Home
8. Kiss My Elbow
9. Walls Are Tired
10. Timing Is Crucial
11. Just Like A Wall
12. * Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (versión de Cindy Lauper)