Un nuevo orden


At the beginning of 2012 when everyone took for granted the ephemeral and punctual character of the group appears A new order, best independent music record, MIN Awards 2012 RADIO3 RNE, to show that they had not said everything and that they could still play with imaginary worlds.

Macarena, Isabel and Blanca are still in the band and they are no longer so girls, Fernando Vacas is still in charge of the production, and the songs continue to take us to parallel worlds where not all is magic and the darkness is also present. In fact the protagonists themselves describe this disc-journey as a spatial odyssey; a description of the world from space, where they see how bad things are here and how good they could be.

Songs like the positive Kiss the future and even Ode to America, a song that predicts the fall of the American empire. They speak of a magical, perverse and free spirit. A different and sincere look at our life and customs from the point of view of innocence. Cruel or fantastic depending on the crystal in front of us, a new order is possible.

This Un Nuevo Orden was ahead of the 2020 we now live in.